Why the majority of our tasks are not completed and are simply postponed to the next day? Plenty of articles, time management trainings and motivators continually assert us: we simply set too many goals. Many of us at Rylstim face this constantly. So, we decided to figure out a way to complete 100% of our tasks every day.

The solution appeared to be quite simple. We have combined our and an interesting rule known as Rule of Three. You can look up further information on Rule of Thee on the Net, but briefly we suggest that for each area of your wheel of life you set only 3 goals to be achieved per day.

Naturally, those shouldn't be the tasks of the "Put the left sock on", "Put the right sock on" series... Such minor tasks could be set aside in a separate schedule, which you could name, for example, "To Do Today". Here you should specify 3 major tasks that are required for improving your life in this area.

But that's not all. Next, we suggest that out of these 3 goals in each area of your Wheel of Life you choose only one goal and set its priority to "High". No other high-priority goals should accompany it in this area. The rest can have "Normal" or "Low" priority - that doesn't matter as long as you have 1 goal (just 1!), which is the most important.

You have achieved all the goals set in your plan for today and watching the fondest result "100%", and the sun is still high. Lucky you! If you still have the desire to further improve your life today, you can go ahead and set new goals, even regardless of any rules, just any way you like. But tomorrow... Tomorrow is a new day, which carries new 3 goals for each area.

Good luck in achieving your goals!