The update has basically affected ProfExam Creator. In the new version, you can modify exam and question names directly in the tree. We have fixed bugs related to displaying items in the question and numerous bugs that could cause abnormal termination of the application, slightly improved the application's interface and other minor things.

Now about the major change - no more intermediate files (*.SXM). Now the editor works with the main file type - .EXAM. In other words, you open the .EXAM file, make changes, and save it with the .EXAM extension by default. Along with that, the application's performance has increased significantly.

We have also worked a bit on ProfExam Player. First, we have fixed the bug that occurred when mixing answer variants. Second, you can now choose answer variants by pressing the respective keys on the keyboard (A, B, C, D, ...). And, of course, we have fixed the bugs that we catch from time to time.

And finally, ProfExam Manager, in which we have fixed file removal and made it a bit nicer looking.

ProfExam Manager

This update is absolutely free, and the new version is already available for downloading.

You can download the latest versions from the product's home page: