We have redesigned the application and took into account lots of your wishes. The coolest thing first, and that's appearance. The new version is significantly different from the previous one, see for yourself:

Task Organizer 2.0 for Mac OS X

No more need to open a bunch of windows as it used to be. Your entire plan, all your areas and goals are now at your fingertips. Usability testing has revealed the efficiency of achieving goals increasing while the time spent on the planning decreasing by much. Well, we are just happy to know that.

Project management

The new nice appearance is not the only innovation. You used to be able to manage just one project, now the application allows you to manage as many projects as you find necessary. Thus, the application could serve you not only as a personal efficiency tool, but we will cover this later. We are going to publish a number of articles on other ways of utilizing the Task Organizer software and tell you how you can take advantage of the application in your business, when building a house, etc.

Areas on the Task Organizer

Another important innovation that extends the capabilities of the software is removal of restrictions on the number of areas per project. So, if 8 areas were insufficient for managing your goals, it's no longer a problem to have more.

Random success

And the last but not the least, a new incredibly efficient feature, "Random goal". If you aren't sure which goal is the best one to pursue, as all of them are important and necessary, try relying on luck. The program will automatically propose you a randomly picked goal. You are to decide whether to drop everything else and tackle that goal right off or doubt on; however, our feedback suggests this method has shown its best side. Trust us, just pressing "^+Cmd+R" can lead you to success in the real life much faster.

Download the application, work on yourself and enjoy life!