Yes, we did it! We have finally upgraded the Windows version of the application too. Moreover, we have tried to make their look and feel as close as it could be. So, please welcome TaskOrganizer 2 for Windows:

Most significant innovations (same as for Mac OS X):

Wheel Of Life 2 for Windows

Wheel Of Life 2 for Windows

  • Multiple projects. This opens new opportunities that we are going to cover a bit further, as promised.
  • Unlimited areas. We had been inquired quite often to change the number of sectors in the Wheel of Life; however, in the previous version the number was fixed, only 8.
  • No more running through multiple windows. All your goals are conveniently visualized and spread throughout the areas, appearing as one whole list. The very first minutes of testing (version for Mac OS X) revealed that this presentation of the list of goals is incredibly convenient.

Concerning the upgrade. None of us know why this has happened, but we made this upgrade available free of charge. Some time in the future we will charge for upgrading applications, but this time you can simply download the application and enter your registration data.

You can buy Task Organizer at the same low price of $19.95.