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Easy solution for creating and holding examinations.

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Exam Builder

Visual editor for creating interactive exams

ProfExam Creator - Main window

Create your own interactive exams or import your existing tests from PDF, RTF, and TXT files.

Visual Editor

Intuitive rich-media editor

Everything is simplified as much as possible, and there’s nothing superfluous.

The built-in text editor looks similar to a regular text editor for Windows, so if you have worked with office documents, you will not have any difficulties.

ProfExam Creator - Visual Editor

Interactive Questions Editor

In ProfExam Creator 6.x, we have added new types of questions:

  • Point & Shoot
  • Hot Area
  • Drag & Drop

Respectively, we have made some changes to the editor, but it remains just as clear and friendly.

Despite the complexity of the new types of questions, the editor provides a set of functions specific for each type of question, which make the creation and the editing of the question easier.

Examination Parameters

Configure required examination parameters before the user starts taking the test.

Which parameters can you configure?

  • Time allotted for testing
  • Passing score
  • Exam version and date

You can also:

  • Set exam title and serial number
  • Label your authorship
  • Wish good luck to user before the beginning of the examination
ProfExam Creator - Examination Parameters

Import from PDF, RTF, and TXT

You can just take the examination test from a PDF, RTF or TXT file and make it interactive. After the data is imported, the program creates an *.EXAM file, which you can edit and view with ProfExam Simulator.

Import From RTF

Your exam can be transferred from an RTF document to an EXAM project. Simply open the RTF file and then click the import button.

One of the advantages of importing data from RTF is all the formatting and the media from the file will be transferred to the project.

Snippets available in the application will help you quickly and properly add questions to your document.

ProfExam Creator - Import From RTF
ProfExam Creator - Testlets


Group your questions into Testlets if they have a common scenario or initial data.

Testlet is not just a folder for your questions. Here you can specify:

  • Initial data
  • Required data split into sections and subsections
  • Attach images

Respectively, when playing back the exam in ProfExam Simulator, such questions will be grouped, and the simulator will display all the listed details either convenient, human-readable view.


Keep your exams current, don't make mistakes when creating the test.

If one of your questions appears to be incomplete, the editor will let you know about that by highlighting the question with red.

ProfExam Creator - Mistakes


Create your own exams, spread them, and earn with them.

We don't have claims for the files in exams that you create with ProfExam Creator. Our team wants to only help you. If you have any wishes or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Exam Builder Is Only $5 USD

With the purchase of a ProfExam Suite license, you get not only the examination editor, but also an additional license for ProfExam Simulator for OS Windows.

The difference between the price for ProfExam Suite and ProfExam Simulator is usually just $5, but in the end you obtain a full-featured solution, which lets you not only playback existing exams, but also create your own exams and edit exams.

ProfExam Suite - ProfExam Simulator + ProfExam Creator
No Limits

ProfExam has NO LIMITS

If you used similar solutions for preparing yourself to certification exams, most likely you faced the problem of the limited number of files that can be opened (per hour/day/week/month).

ProfExam doesn't have such restrictions. Open as many files as you need.


There are no recurring fees, monthly or annual charges whatsoever.

With the purchase of the current version, you will also receive all updates for that version free of charge, guaranteed.

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ProfExam Creator + ProfExam Simulator
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