ProfExam Suite

ProfExam Suite

Easy solution for creating and holding examinations.

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ProfExam Player

Conducting tests and preparing to certification exams.

ProfExam Player - Main window

Test manager

A convenient storage for your test files guarantees that your tests will never get lost.

ProfExam Player - Manager
ProfExam Player - New session

Flexible test setup

Choose which questions you would like to work through: a certain exam (from available in the project), questions on a certain subject or all questions available in the project.

2 ways to conduct exams

Need to conduct a testing or just check your respondent's knowledge? Select the "Emulate exam" mode.

Want to check your knowledge and get hints when taking a test? Use the "Practice" mode.

ProfExam Player - Exams
ProfExam Player - Navigation

Convenient navigation

Moving to the next or previous question, jumping to any question of the exam by its number or by selecting the question on the list, using hotkeys, etc. We have tried to provide you with the most convenient navigation.

Detailed report on testing results

When the testing is over, ProfExam Player will not only display the overall result of the test; you will be provided with a report on questions that have been answered correctly and incorrectly.

ProfExam Player - Results

Nice look

Finally, it's just so nice to work with!


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