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Price Policy Update and Flexible Options

April 01, 2024

Earlier, users could purchase either the exam simulator (ProfExam Lite) or the full package (ProfExam Pro). Due to increased demand for the ability to purchase additional components, we have reconsidered the licensing options for ProfExam.

Now you have the option to purchase the exam editor and simulator separately, or take advantage of the familiar option - to purchase the ProfExam Suite package, which includes both the editor and the simulator, with an additional discount.

This gives you the flexibility to choose the optimal option when making a purchase. For example, you can purchase only one exam editor and up to ten simulator licenses, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Additionally, we will continue to improve each part of the program independently, ensuring a more stable and reliable performance.

Monthly Subscription to ProfExam Suite

Another update includes the option to purchase a monthly subscription to ProfExam Suite. There are no plans to switch to a subscription model, as lifetime licenses remain the primary option. The monthly subscription is an additional option that allows you to explore all the features of ProfExam without limitations for a month and at a more affordable price.

ProfExam Suite
A visual editor simplifying the creation and editing of exam tests.