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Release 8: Dark Theme for Exam Simulator

April 02, 2024

For many users, the dark theme in applications goes beyond being just a pleasant addition and becomes an essential part of their workflow. The benefits of the dark theme are obvious: it helps reduce eye strain during prolonged computer use, especially in dark conditions or at night.

Many ProfExam users have long requested the addition of a dark theme to Exam Simulator, and finally, it's here! Now you can enjoy a comfortable and aesthetic interface throughout your exam preparation session. The new dark theme is not only visually pleasing but also helps you focus better on the learning process. It also provides softer screen lighting, reducing eye strain and fatigue during extended use.

How to enable the dark theme in ProfExam Simulator? It's easy! Just click on the settings icon and select the corresponding option from the menu. After that, you can enjoy comfortable learning in a new, stylish design.

Release 8: Dark Theme for Exam Simulator

We hope that this update in ProfExam Simulator will make your learning experience even more enjoyable and effective!

Wishing you success in your studies and exam success with ProfExam Simulator!

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