Quick Snippet

Quick Snippet Text Expander for Windows

Boost typing speed with automatic abbreviation-to-phrase replacement.

Quick Snippet Key Features

Quick Text Expansion

Quick Snippet allows for the rapid insertion of pre-saved text snippets or code blocks into any application or input field.

Variable Support

Quick Snippet simplifies the use of dynamic value substitution, such as the current date and time, within text snippets.

Shortcut Visibility Control

Quick Snippet lets you determine which sets of shortcuts to work with at any given time and which ones to temporarily deactivate.

Text Expansion Tool for Windows

Accelerate Your Typing

Quick Snippet for Windows

Automatically replaces previously specified abbreviations with full phrases with the possibility to insert dates and time in the necessary format, move the cursor and perform other functions allowing you to increase your performance.

Autoreplacement Library

Convenient Storage and Control

Quick Snippet allows for convenient storage and control of all autoreplacement entries, organized into groups and folders. With search and filtering features, you can easily find the desired abbreviation for editing or deletion.

If you prefer to work with only a specific group of shortcuts, you can easily disable the rest.

Any edits made to the autoreplacement set or newly added phrases become instantly available without delays.

Built-in Variables

A Powerful Tool for Your Abbreviations

Built-in variables allow you to create text templates and insert data that is up-to-date at the moment of autoreplacement:

  • Date and time
  • Text from the clipboard
  • Cursor position at the place you need in the new text
  • Unique generated GUID

You will not have to remember all that, the editor will help you to easily select and insert the necessary entry.

Available in Any Application

Universal Text Replacement

Quick Snippet automatically replaces text not only in text editors like Word or Writer. You can automatically replace text anywhere you need.

Command line interface: abbreviate a long command with parameters into a short entry.

E-mail exchange: create a message template with a reply, signature and date.

Helpdesk systems: Is the server down and you have to reply something like "Our Engineering team has..." so that people believe you? Create a reply and abbreviate it to a couple of characters.

Code editors: no need to configure snippets in each editor, they will already be functioning by default.

Quick Snippet
Accelerate typing by automatically replacing abbreviations with full phrases.