Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Recording events happening on the desktop.

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Requires Windows 7/8/10

Rylstim Screen Recorder

A light application for instant recording of events happening on the monitor and saving that to an AVI file at high quality.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim Screen Recorder allows recording events happening on the monitor, including the mouse pointer and the visualization of the regular and right clicks of the mouse buttons. The initial setup doesn't require any special skills; you can get started with video recording as soon as you have selected the required video codec.

You can now run a usability test for your website, software, mobile app, and even a real-world item on your own.

More Info
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    Usability testing for websites, desktop applications, and computer games. For anything you can launch on your computer.

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    Recording from 2 webcams simultaneously allows you to conduct usability testing for mobile applications and real-world items alike.

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    Well planned tests are more beneficial. Create a scenario, which the user would follow during the test.

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    Usability Studio now records both the tester's voice and the sounds made by the system during the testing.