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ProfExam Update: New Features and Improvements

March 28, 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of ProfExam 8! Changes have been made to both parts of the program: the exam editor and the simulator.

General Changes

Icon Design Update for ProfExam

We have made some changes to the icon design to make them more distinguishable for each module of ProfExam. Please compare how it looked before and how it looks now.

If you are already familiar with the ProfExam application, you will notice the updated icons on your desktop.

Application Update

When a new version of any of the applications is available, a "Update" button will appear in the window title, allowing you to easily and quickly update your version.

Sending Feedback, Email Field Added

This is a small but significant update: now, when you send us a question and provide your email address, we can not only review your question but also respond directly to you. Yes, it's true, such a feature was inexplicably absent before.

New Activation System and License Window

Now, the window containing information about the current license is available in just one click. This means that deactivating the application on one machine and activating it on another has become much simpler, without the need to search for this option.

Spelling Errors Correction


Changes in ProfExam Simulator

Dark Theme Added

Due to your requests, we have added a dark theme. The Exam Simulator allows you to activate it at any time within the settings window. You can learn more about it in detail and visually by clicking here.

Font Size Adjustment

Now there is no need to worry about font sizes when creating questions, as the exam simulator automatically handles this issue. More details are described in the article Release 8: Text Scaling.

Text Selection Feature for Questions and Explanations

You can easily copy any part of the question or hint to the clipboard and, for example, use it to search for information on the internet.

Lack of Content in Questions and Answers in Some Languages

In some cases, there was an issue with displaying text when opening exams due to the peculiarities of Windows language settings. We have identified and fixed this problem, and we hope it will not occur again. However, if you encounter a similar situation, please let us know.

Some Interface Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New appearance settings window.
  • Fixed session list sorting.
  • Hide timer if it is disabled.
  • Close windows with the Escape button.
  • Retake Exam did not allow exam repetition.
  • Marked for review not saving.

Changes in ProfExam Creator

Update on Importing

Importing is one of the complex tasks handled by the exam editor. We are actively working on improving this feature to prevent the application from crashing in case of critical errors related to inability to open a file or absence of an answer to a question. Additionally, we are enhancing the question recognition algorithm to ensure a more accurate and efficient data import process.

Opening a File by Dragging and Dropping

A convenient way to instantly open the required document: simply drag and drop it into the application window and wait for it to finish.

Various UI Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the size of the question tree.
  • Increased the size of the areas in the import window, which previously behaved strangely.
  • Moving questions from one window to another was causing crashes and has been fixed.
  • Attempting to open a blocked RTF file was leading to crashes and has been resolved.
  • Importing questions without answers was causing crashes and has been fixed.

We strive to make ProfExam your reliable assistant in exam preparation, and we thank you for choosing us. We hope that the new features and improvements introduced in this version will be helpful to you.

Thank you for choosing ProfExam! Stay tuned for updates and don't forget to share your feedback with us.

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